Agent Offerings: Technology

  • Home in Frederick MD: InteriorFree personal interactive web sites. Free
  • Free seamless integration with in office support team for CMAs, social media post, marketing and more. Free
  • Professional in office presentation tools. Free
  • Top of the line CRM tools (desktop and mobile app): Free
    • E mail, text message, and call integration. Free
    • Keep track of all your tasks, and to do lists. Free
    • Integration with you and your clients' schedules. Free
    • Automatic lead integration and text notifications. Free
    • E mail blast campaigns that allow you to track every client interaction. Free
    • Built in transaction management integrated with your schedule. Free
    • Custom and template client drip campaigns. Free
    • Monitor your clients on line activity with automated searches. Free
    • Keep track of your leads better than ever with organic tags and analytics. Free
    • Keep up with your SOI in real time using metrics to see who needs to hear from you next and who has not heard from you in a while. Free
    • Track results on you add campaigns. Free
    • Monitor your sales volume and commission ROI on your marking investments. Free
    • Built in analytics to help you measure your performance in real time. Free
  • Guaranteed unmatched tools to earn and keep new home builder business. Free


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