Frederick County Maryland

With a population of just over 250,000 people, Frederick County MD embodies the perfect mixture of a county with rural roots that are still alive and well mixed with a stunningly beautiful and vibrant urban center. Frederick City is the county's largest city and has been nationally recognized for its livability as well as being a great travel destination. With robust and growing employment, Frederick is quickly becoming Maryland’s new lifestyle destination.

Frederick County MD Real Estate

Housing options in Frederick County MD are diverse and range from urban condos to historic row homes and suburban communities for rural farms. Frederick tends to be more affordable than other markets in the DC Metro area. The South half of the county and Downtown Frederick areas tend to be the most expensive with lower prices in the North and West half of the County.

Things to Do in Frederick County MD

Major lifestyle amenities in Frederick County include: Downtown Frederick, Baker Park, Carroll Creek Liner Park, Potomac River, Monocacy River, C & O Canal, multiple vineyards, Brewery’s, Distilleries, Cunningham Falls State Park, Appalachian Trail, Sugarloaf Mountain, Civil War Battlefield Sites and Museums, multiple golf courses, and more.  

Outside of Frederick City, the county offers some other smaller towns/areas each with their own unique qualities.

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Frederick MD - Easy access to Downtown Historic Frederick with many amenities, unique restaurants, shops and more.  Activities that range from swimming to horseback riding.....
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Braddock Heights - Originally a summer getaway for DC insiders of the late 1800 and early 1900’s, Braddock Heights is a small community built along the ridge of Braddock Mountain.....
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Brunswick is in the west half of the county at the intersection of the Potomac River, the C & O Canal, and the Appalachian Trail.  With a population of about 6,000 and growing…..
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The area known as Buckeystown is on the south-west half of the county. The main street is little more than a few historic homes with a few bed and breakfast establishments. Offering lots of open…..
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Burkittsville offers a very small but charming Main Street located on the west half of the county.  With lots of rural properties and affordable prices, it’s a great place to…..
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Located on the far north half of Frederick County, Emmitsburg is best known for Mount St. Mary's College and Camp David. With a small main street and some newer housing.…..
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Ijamsville is located just southeast of Frederick and consists mainly of housing developments.  Offer easy access to I-270 and I-70 it’s a..…..
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Jefferson is located along Route 340 west of Frederick. Most of the housing supply in this area is rural with a few newer options developed in the 1980s through today. It attracts those looking...…..
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Libertytown is located along Route 26 and for the most part, is a rural community. If you're looking for commuter access to I-70 and affordable prices but want a departure from the typical…..
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Located just west of Frederick in the valley between Braddock and South Mountains, Middletown offers a small Main Street, several golf courses, outdoor activities and…..
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Monrovia is more of an area than a town. Located in the southeast half of the county in the triangle between DC, Frederick and Baltimore it offers a variety…..
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Mount Airy is located at the corner of Frederick, Howard, Carroll and Montgomery County. Technically part of it exists in all four counties which makes it unique. With a population of…..
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Myersville is located in the northwest half of the county. With a very small Main Street, most of the housing options are newer developments or rural…..
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New Market is located along I-70 east of Frederick. With a small Main street, easy access to commuter routes as well as a variety of housing options developed from the 1960s through today, New Market probably…..
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Point of Rocks is located on the southwest side of the county along the Potomac River. With easy access to Virginia and commuter routes including the Marc train, many people…..
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With a population of just over 6,000, Thurmont offers a charming Main Street along with mountain views and outdoor activities including Cunningham Falls state park.  Housing in…..
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Urbana is a planned community located along I-270 south between Frederick city and Montgomery County. With nearly 10,000 residents and growing it's an excellent option for those looking for.…..
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Walkersville is just northeast of Frederick along the route 26 corridor. With a population of just over 6,000 consisting of a quaint town and several planned unit developments typically built in the 1970s or later.…..
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Located on the northeast half of the county, Woodsboro tends to be an affordably priced market that offers easy commuting access for those that may be headed.…..
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