Agent Offerings: Administrative Support

  • Home in Frederick MDPersonal one on one mentorship. Free
  • Comprehensive training programs. Free
  • Staff work with you to create and review a business plan every quarter. Free
  • Staff processes your contracts, listings, and closings. Free
  • Staff will print copy and mail all of your contract and listing agreement with a thank you letter and cards from you. Free
  • Staff orders the installation and removal of for sales signs. Free
  • Staff creates and orders custom branded agent for sale signs. Free
  • Staff produces full custom, printed, mailed or digital CMAs. Free
  • Staff work with you to launch your personal web site. Free
  • Staff work with you to set up your social media pages. Free
  • Staff makes branded social media posts for all of you listings and sales. Free
  • Staff creates branded new listing brochures. Printing cost only
  • Staff creates and mail branded postcards. Printing cost only
  • Experienced in office assistant available by the hour for any additional help you need. There is no need to hire your own assistant, we have done it for you. $25 per hour



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