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Maryland Realtor with DocumentsListing Your Home with Premier Group of Long & Foster Real Estate

For most people, the goal of selling your home in Frederick, Montgomery, or Howard County means getting you the highest sales price possible.  With almost 2,000 sales totaling over a half a billion dollars, we can certainly help you do that. But selling your home is an intricate process and to achieve your goals and make the process as enjoyable as possible selecting an agent with experience, knowledge, tools, and dedication is critical. 

The Honest Truth

I find it interesting that on a listing appointment most sellers will undoubtedly ask about a marketing plan. That SOUNDS important, and it is to an extent BUT what I've realized after nearly 2,000 successful transactions is the key to selling a home is supervision and management of the process and the parties involved. I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but it's more valuable than any marketing gimmick. 

The honest truth is that most Realtors can get the marketing correct, for the most part. They’re going to take photos and put your home in the MLS. Then the listing details will go out to most of the consumer websites. Of course, we will do all of that and more, but what sets us apart is the preparation, market research, and hands-on approach to the process from start to finish. 

You may be asking what kind of details are there to manage?

  • Making sure potential buyers and their agents have all the facts and answers to their questions to overcome a potential buyer’s opposition to purchase. 
  • Knowing and presenting when appropriate the best financing options for a specific buyer.
  • Knowing all the ins and out of the market areas for each home we list and effectively highlighting those areas.  
  • Instinctively handle the home inspection and knowing how to address items that may arise. 
  • Guiding the appraisal process to minimize any risk of value or condition issues.
  • A full and complete understanding of the contract, contingencies and how all the ins and outs of a transaction can be leveraged to maximize the outcome for our client. 
  • Managing the coordination between the mortgage, title, and inspection companies to ensure everything is on track and on time.

All of that matters but the most important factor is working with a dedicated professional who truly cares about you, your goals and how you feel about your experience at the end of the transaction.  Not every seller has the same goals and its important to us that we truly understand what your priority is when selling your home. 

How to Negotiate The Best Deal

Negotiation is very important but it's more than simply throwing a better number back at the buyer.  There are lots of subtle techniques that can be used depending on the circumstances that result in a win-win for both parties.  A smart counteroffer is always better than an aggressive counteroffer and when structured properly can net you the same results.  

Throughout thousands of transactions, we have utilized hundreds of subtleties most agents don’t know of or don’t want to take the time to orchestrate. The contract price, closing costs, financing, grant funds, inspection terms, timelines, leasebacks and even sale or lease contingencies can all be used to your advantage if your agent is skilled and knows how to use to tools that arise in a transaction. 

With all that said, good old-fashioned negotiating skills can come in handy. Know when you have leverage and when you don’t as well as providing you sound recommendations on strategy is our job.  We take the time to lay out all the facts and advice so you can make an informed decision and have an advocate every step of the way.   

Learn More About Our Marketing

When you list with the Premier Group of Long and Foster Real Estate your home will be listed on more than 5,000 websites including,,, and other popular sites all with professional HDR photos.

On top of the website, your home will be on thousands of mobile applications to ensure that every user with every device sees your home. Last year, 6.5 million people visited alone, conducted over 35 million individual property searches and thats just scratching the surface of our web presence. 

We also understand how to utilize social media to market homes and are able to guarantee more than 10,000 people in your area will see your home through social media in the first 7 days its on the market. On top of that, we use sophisticated buyer profiles to target the likely location of the type of person looking for a home like yours. This, on top of excellent realtor relations in the real estate brokerage community means our listings sell. 

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